Formular aderare

The undersigned , Romanian legal entity, with its main place of business in , incorporated within Chamber of Commerce Register under no. , with the main activity , through our legal representative Mr./Mrs. , understand to adhere at the scope and objectives of the ROMANIAN ADVERTISING COUNCIL, Romanian legal entity, with its main place of business in Bucharest, 1st District, 61A Buzesti Street, 8th floor, app. 55, incorporated within Appeal Law Court from Bucharest, under no. 24/25.08.1999, with fiscal registration code no.12069153 and thus to get the quality of member with full rights of it.

The undersigned acknowledged the content of the Incorporation Act, Statute of the Romanian Advertising Council and the Code of Practice in Advertising elaborated by RAC, we agree with its stipulations and understand to fully meet these requirements in the moment we will become member will full rights of the Organization. By submitting the present letter of adhesion we acknowledged the amount of the present annual membership fee (1800 EUR), which will be paid by us into the association's bank account: RO92RNCB0072171018460002.

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