PRIA EVENTS IS ORGANISING on February  6 a  Conference on Medicine and Drugs Advertising, at WTC in Bucharest.

The PRIA Drugs and Medicine Advertising Conference, already at the 4th edition, on February 6, 2019, is enjoying special attention from the health community, patients' associations, pharmacies and distributors, as well as private hospitals, manufacturers and importers of dermatocosmetics products, consultants and the press.

The conference will take place at Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center, Mexico & Seoul Hall, starting at 9.30. Within it, current topics of interest to the health system will be debated, along with all those involved, such as: the Law on advertising of medicines and medical devices, Codes of conduct complied with by the health industry, the Code of Ethics in Advertising or Marketing in the medicine industry, the role of regulators, of professional associations, the role of pharmaceutical chains, the regulation of advertising of dietary supplements, the regulation of dermatocosmetics advertising.

Oana Cociasu, President of RAC and Gerald Filip Flintoaca, Member of the Board, are among of the speakers.

On the AGENDA :

09.30 - 10.00 - Registration of participants

10.00 - 12.30 - Round Table - Advertising Law on Medicines and Medical Devices, Advertising for Dermatocosmetics. Advertising on dietary supplements. Regulation and self-regulation of their promotion. Codes of conduct followed by the pharmaceutical industry
  • Advertising of medicines in the world. Differences between EU and US countries
  • Advertising of medicines in Romania
  • The role of ANMDM and CNAS
  • What is the position of the press
  • Ethics and Codes of Conduct


PhD. Diana PĂUN - State Counselor, Department of Public Health, Presidential Administration

Marius ANDŞU - President, NAMMD

Adriana COTEL - President, CNAS

Laszlo ATTILA - Chairman, Committee on Health, Romanian Senate

Lorand TUROS - Vice-President, Committee on Culture, Senate of Romania

PhD. Carmen ORBAN - Manager, Fundeni Clinical Institute

Livica FĂTU - Lawyer, Romanian College of Physicians

MD. Oana COCIAŞU - President, RAC

Dr. Gerald FLINTOACĂ-FILIP - Secretary General, PRISA
Diana MEREU - Executive Director, RASCI

Radu GĂNESCU - Chairman, COPAC

Marian PANĂ - Communication Director of the Romanian Pharmacy College


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