Bucharest, 31 October 2022:

The winning campaign of the IAB MIXX Awards Romania 2021 Grand Prix also won the European Grand Prix at the Madrid gala. In addition, 2 Gold and 1 Silver awards went to agencies in Romania. With this result, which shows the high level of the campaigns entered in the competition, but also the quality of the judging, the representatives of the digital communication industry in Romania are once again calling to the stage the memorable, powerful campaigns that deserve to be awarded. Registration takes place between October 31 and November 11.

"IAB MIXX Awards Romania aims and constantly succeeds in identifying the benchmarks of the domestic digital communication industry in order to propel them to the European stage. We believe in the change of perspective from a pessimistic area and focused only on the negative or perfectible elements, to a balanced one, where the positive and aspirational aspects are more present.

Last year there was a double validation of the quality of the communication product and the local jury. The results in Madrid put enormous pressure this year on everyone involved at local level. But we are an already mature market that has learned to applaud its competition, to coagulate around common objectives and to realize that it has whom and what on a European level," said Andrei Dragu, vice president and Event Director MIXX Awards.

A new feature for 2022, the creation of this year's IAB MIXX promotion campaign is signed by the agency that was awarded last year Cheil|Centrade. The organizers aim for this practice to become a tradition of the festival.

"We are honored that the local recognition of the IAB MIXX jury turned into the first Grand Prix for Romania at IAB MIXX Europe. It is further proof that the level of the industry is high for the region and that the festival has managed to assemble an experienced jury that recognizes the real value. We are glad to be invited by the organizers to support this year's communication campaign. Romanians can become Europe's "Brazilians" in terms of creativity, and Romanian ideas can become a topic of conversation anywhere in the world," said Mihai Gongu, Executive Creative Director SEE @Cheil Worldwide and Member of the Cheil Global Creative Council.

Already the 10 editions of the IAB MIXX Awards so far, 615 campaigns have been entered. Last year, a record participation, with 169 campaigns registered in the 16 categories of the festival.

A jury of over 80 people with expertise in digital communication evaluates the campaigns, and their selection becomes the shortlist for IAB MIXX Europe, where excellence in communication is awarded at the annual INTERACT gala.

"Albert Einstein said that intelligence having fun is called creativity`, so I can't wait to see how the world has fun again this year", added Sandra Bold - Chief Creative Officer (CCO) @Wunderman Thompson Benelux, president of the IAB MIXX Romania jury.

The 2022 IAB MIXX Awards Romania festival would not be possible without the support of partners:
- main sponsors: Pepsi, Lays, YOXO;
- sponsors: HTTPOOL, Teads, RTB House, UNITED Media Services;
- media partners: IQads, Wall-Street;
- logistics partners: Therefour-Brand Strategists, DEV51, IC.events,
and of the IAB MIXX Awards Romania team made up of Alexa Constantinescu - Communication Director, Doina Radicof - Partnerships Director, Gabriel Patru - IAB President, Andreea Furtună - Content Specialist, Mihai Neacșu - Communication Manager, Alexandra Neagu - Social Media Manager, Andrei Dragu - Event Director & Vice President IAB.

For more details and to register a campaign, visit the website mixxawards