RAC took part as key speaker in RASCI Conference


 October 26

Chosen theme of the conference  "Charting the Future of Responsible Self-Care in Romania - Perspectives on the future of personal care in Romania"  aimed to address topics of major interest to the personal care industry.

RAC represented by Oana Cociașu - President, Managing Partner MedicOne, supported along with Răzvan Prisada - ANMDMR President , Diana Mereu - Executive Director RASCI and Costin Vasilescu - Reckitt Benckiser, supported the introduction of advertising for OTC in social media as well as  mobile applications as one of the options to increase the level of information of the consumer.

RAC President spoke about the role of social media channels in informing the population and also emphasized the importance of monitoring advertising online and on social media. „Monitoring the content published on social networks is an indispensable tool in ensuring correct information to the population and in protecting it against undeclared or misleading advertising„.

Held under the umbrella of About health - while being responsible educational campaign, the event addressed topics of major interest to the personal care industry. Key speakers: Răzvan Prisada, President of ANMDMR, Dan-Virgil Pascu, Vice President of the Competition Council, Oana Cociasu, RAC President  and Managing Partner MedicOne, as well as the representative of the College of Pharmacists from Romania.

The conference brought together health authorities as well as companies and industry associations for self-care at local or European level.


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